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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 59.8%

A:   310   Joined
B:   208   Not Joined



•   Patricia Hill (Baldwin)  10/26
•   Robert Metallo  10/25
•   Ricki Lofton (McCauley)  9/30
•   David Wildenberg  9/28
•   Douglas Erickson Kson  9/27
•   Tracey Jermstad (Neuwirth)  9/22
•   Nancy Sinkler (Padgett)  8/11
•   Joanie Lawler  8/10
•   Sylvia Fonte (McGreal)  8/10
•   Brian Berg  8/9
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•   Edward Ziccarelli  12/1
•   Angela Kindle  12/2
•   Bryan Edwards  12/4
•   Michelle Forman (Hansen)  12/6
•   Elizabeth Comstock (Shatkins)  12/7
•   Penny Dinges (Ingraham)  12/14
•   William Britt  12/15
•   Tina Hernandez (Ambruso)  12/15
•   Sean Towle  12/15
•   Sally Bader (Meyers)  12/18
•   John Emerson  12/20
•   Maria Anzaldua (Diaz)  12/23
•   Sue Bambrough (Garcia)  12/28
•   Dana Dugdale (DiCello)  12/29
•   Daniel Schuster  12/31
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Class of 1984 30th Year Reunion

Reunion Photo's I'm working on adding photos.

Look to the Left go to Event Photos Page

Support our next PARTY!

Buy the Socks!

Christmas Gift 7 bucks a pair - All money goes to our next big party!

The Night Was A BLAST!

Did everyone get their 1984 socks?  Coolest Socks EVER!

Thank you Paul Swift!

Thank you....

Once Again to the Decorating Devils, Greg & Sue Shamberg.  I Loved the Big Cans of Hairspray, Rubik's Cubes, Atari Joy Sticks.  Excellent job on the Memorial Table and Military Table.  You two really know how to make our reunions Fun for everyone. 

Photo Booth was a Big Hit!  Thank you, Janet & Sue Blonshine for all of your work, people really had a good time with the props!

Cake Anyone!  Did you take a look at the cake?  Mike & Chris Naumowicz baked a great looking and tasting cake!


MC - Paul Swift did a great job of welcoming everyone and helping us all to learn a little bit more about our classmates!  That was fun Paul, thanks!

Raffle Number is....We had great raffles.  Thank you, Sharon Gyurina May & Kathy Binninger for selling and taking care of the raffles.  It really does help us put $$$ in the bank for our next reunion.

Money - Thank you Brian Delfield for selling the tickets and taking care of the CASH!  That really helped me a lot these last couple of months!  That and your encouragement to go on with the SHOW!

You all made this Party a Success!  Truly and Honestly, I cannot thank you enough,





This site isn't about waistlines,

hairlines or credit lines.

It's about lifelines.

It's about reconnecting with our friends from
some of the best years of our lives.
It's about caring for our
classmates and their families!
Nothing more, nothing less.



 Welcome to the Kenosha Bradford High Class Of 1984 web site. This is a permanent web site for all students of Bradford High School who graduated in 1984, or not quite, moved away and/or finished at another school. You are all welcome here!

 FREE to join & totally secure! 
 This website was created to promote, celebrate and reconnect with all members of Bradford High School Class of 1984.  Your participation is essential for it to succeed!

  If you're a Bradford High School Alumni, Class of 1984- Click on  the "Classmates Profiles" link then find and click on your name to register on the site. Create your profile and please don't forget to add some recent photos of yourself, your family etc.  



"Join the Mary D. Bradford Alumni Association they are able to recognize past alumnus with the Distingushed Alumni Award offer high school seniors scholarships and assist classes with seed money for their first mailings or website setup for milestone class reunion years. 


 Trust me when I tell you, THE BRADFROD CLASS OF 1984 is filled with good people!  Reach out and get to know them.