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•   Rhonda Hockney  4/16
•   Charles Leipzig  4/16
•   Jeffrey Palmen  4/18
•   Michael Pingitore Michael Pingitore  4/20
•   Renee Matrise Ruchti  4/23
•   William Hawkins  4/26
•   Tracy Houston Stapleman  4/26
•   Christine Clement Naumowicz  4/29
•   Chris Meehan Borre  4/29
•   Sharon Weyrauch Beth  4/29
•   Robin Wright Evans  4/30
•   Steven Smith  5/1
•   Jim Grisham  5/2
•   Laura Lichter (Hennessy)  5/2
•   Rick Peterson  5/2
•   John Thomey  5/2
•   James Peden  5/3
•   Gregory Mantuano  5/4
•   Jeffrey Ward  5/4
•   Jeffry Fredrick  5/13
•   Jeffrey Schutz  5/13


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 57.4%

A:   298   Joined
B:   221   Not Joined


•   Robert Metallo  4/10
•   Jeffery Gaffey  4/4
•   Steven Mecozzi Mecozzi  4/1
•   Paul Swift  3/31
•   Kelly Lange Reeves  3/23



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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


2014 is Here!!! The Big 30!

Bradford Class of 1984  "We've made it this far..."

30th Year Reunion

Save the Date!!!

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

This is Bradford's Homecoming Weekend

$30 per ticket

(unless some really weird expenses comes up, this should be the price)

Plenty of Food, Fun Entertainment & Cash Bar

(The Class may buy a barrel of beer, but WHAT KIND?) 

Suggestions anyone?

Send me your thoughts for this ONCE in a LIFETIME EVENT! 

Nowhere on earth will anyone be holding an event such as this, only us, once in this LIFETIME.

More FUN information to follow.....



Please check with your friends and make sure they get the information and emails. 

I have 38 bounce back emails.  I can reset their passwords & contact emails so they get the information.





This site isn't about waistlines,
hairlines or credit lines.

It's about lifelines.

It's about reconnecting with our friends from
some of the best years of our lives.
It's about caring for our
classmates and their families!
Nothing more, nothing less.



 Welcome to the Kenosha Bradford High Class Of 1984 web site. This is a permanent web site for all students of Bradford High School who graduated in 1984, or not quite, moved away and/or finished at another school. You are all welcome here!

 FREE to join & totally secure! 
 This website was created to promote, celebrate and reconnect with all members of Bradford High School Class of 1984.  Your participation is essential for it to succeed!

  If you're a Bradford High School Alumni, Class of 1984- Click on  the "Classmates Profiles" link then find and click on your name to register on the site. Create your profile and please don't forget to add some recent photos of yourself, your family etc.  



"Join the Mary D. Bradford Alumni Association they are able to recognize past alumnus with the Distingushed Alumni Award offer high school seniors scholarships and assist classes with seed money for their first mailings or website setup for milestone class reunion years. 


 Trust me when I tell you, THE BRADFROD CLASS OF 1984 is filled with good people!  Reach out and get to know them.


This is a Big Thank You to ALL who have supported the mission to "Reunite" our Bradford Class of '84. 

All of the contributions great or small are truly appreciated.  


  • Gary LeMay Class of '83
  • Sue Apostoli Class of '83
  • Sharon Weyrauch Beth
  • Phyllis Metallo                 
  • Christina Marie Katella High School '89
  • Sue Blonshine     
  • Janet Blonshine
  • Greg & Sue Shamberg    "Decorating Devils" Decorations 
  • Sarah Gundlach Billings
  • Sharon Gyurina May
  • Penny Dinges Ingraham
  • Mark Erskine
  • Mike & Chris Naumowicz
  • Brian Delfield
  • Sue Murphy Loewen
  • Jill Cox Berggren
  • Sue & Steve Akina
  • Dee Dee Lahey Savaglio
  • Todd Thorne
  • Gretchen Gauchel Goss
  • Maureen Roders
  • Carolyn Bowker Garbers
  • Toni Remus Heiring
  • Christine Metallo Geliche
  • Sean Towle
  • Tim Naef
  • Cheryl Burmeister Fisher
  • John Thomey
  • Michela Bucini Anderson
  • Jill Babula Turay
  • Ruthann Herrman Alfredson
  • Christopher Anderson
  • Daniel Bosman
  • Carolyn Bowker-Garbers 
  • Pam Pacetti
  • Jeff Johnston
  • Renee Matrise
  • Paul Swift
  • Kim Thomas
  • Angela Kiddle
  • Jennifer Schuster Peterson
  • Todd Thorne
  • Greg Mantuano
  • Laura Mentak
  • Kelly Larsen
  • Michael Faltinowski
  • Sylvia Fonte McGreal
  • Gary Anderson
  • Kenosha News






I would like to invite all of you to post news of your family & friends (births, weddings, illness, etc.)  for all of us to share. It’s very easy. Here is what you do ……

 1.      Click on Post Announcement under Member Functions
2.     Click on Create New Announcement
3.     Name it (doesn’t matter, won’t show)
4.     Type your news in the box
5.     Click on Save Changes at the bottom of
the page
The way the system works, the announcement will come to me first to approve. This is to ensure that no inappropriate content is posted (which I’m sure we don’t have to worry about).

Share your good news!  Life is worth celebrating - make an annoucement.

Thank You!  Enjoy! Site started  8/26/08.