You Know you're...

  You know you're becoming an OLD Kenoshan when...

(From the Class of 1984) remember 3 theatres (Lake now has plays, Cinema is part of Pic and Save, and Market Square houses the office where my daughter works)   and 2 outdoors (Keno still exists and MidCity is gone.)

 ...all the shopping downtown--Woolworths, Walgreens, Mayer Drug, Becker, Garbs, Bardens, JCPenney, Leader Store, Morrisons, Fanny Farmer, Fur by Us, Dutchmaid (Clarissa DeBock Johnson)

... the best place to be on a Friday night was McDonald's on 22nd Avenue  

 ... cheapest late night after bar snack was at the Fon Tan Blue called the soaky for .10 cents

  ... the best place to be on Tuesday nights was the veladrome for the bike races (Dana Dugdale DiCello)

   ... $0.10 tap beers at THE TRACKS (Bill & Pam Fowler)

  ... going into the 7th grade was making the big move to Junior High - not middle school (Suzanne Blonshine)

  ... late night runs ( 1:00 AM ) to Hungry Head with 10 of your best buds, to order dozens of sandwiches using the coupon from the school newspaper. YUM ! (Gregg Spino)

   ...when you had to pay to go to Pets on the weekends, and they sold ice cream (Bill Fowler) skating at Kennedy Park (Bill Fowler) see your favorite rock band from high school, Great White......for Coho-Rama (Tim Naef) know that you're becoming an an old Kenoshan when... You reply to these kinds of surveys (Bill Hawkins) know it's been too long since you've been to Kenosha when... you have to have people that you know that still live in Kenosha send you Tenuta's giardiniera because you can't find any that come even remotely close to it. (And have them send a CASE of it!) (Bill Hawkins)

...Cohorama used to be a week or two week MAJOR event.  Does it even exist anymore?  The last I  heard it was a three day weekend (Pam Holderness)

...going to Pawlak's drugstore after school if you went to Washington JUNIOR HIGH(Pam Holderness) know you are becoming old simply when you have to ask a question starting with ....REMEMBER WHEN !!! (Gary Anderson)

...St. Casmir's Festivals (Great time's working with Henry M and Tim Nelson at the pop stand)(Pam Holderness)

...bowling at the Surf and Guttormson's by the harbor(Pam Holderness)

...the Elk's Club was a really nice place to have a Bradford Senior Banquet (Peggy LeMay)
...JOHN THE BUM(Pam Holderness)

...Conways Bakery YUM!(Pam Holderness)

...the Kenosha Youth Foundation (KYF) was a great place to swim
...Does anyone remember the "Candy Man"?  He used to ride his bike along the lake.  He had a basket that was filled with candy (Pam Holderness)

...watching the ships come into the harbor to deliver supplies to AMC (Pam Holderness)
...skating place by Pennoyer Park?  It used to be filled in the winter for ice skating(Pam Holderness)


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You know it's been too long since you've been to Kenosha when...
submitted by Tracey Jermstad Neuwirth

...every time you visit you notice another business or building you've never seen before

... you can't remember the name of your favorite pizza restaurant and it's not where you remember it being

... you can't find Italian bread that is near as good as Paielli's, no matter how many brands you try

...the grade school you went to is empty and then you find out a new one was built five years ago downtown and still can't get over Guttormsen's and the AMC Lakefront Plant are gone(Betty Kunath Meehan) go down highway 50 and see subdivisions and shopping centers instead of farmland(Betty Kunath Meehan)
...there are no Sentry grocery stores(Betty Kunath Meehan)


You know you're from Kenosha if...
(Got this from Bradford Class of 1969 but some work for us too)
..your last name is Paielli, Ruffolo, or some other name ending in a vowel. were the coolest kid in elementary school because you had a stingray bike. know that
rush hour begins at 3:30pm, not 5 or 6. can walk into any store and you recognize at least 5 people within 5 minutes.

...the last 5 generations of your family are from Kenosha.

...your family is Italian, is related to Italians, or owes money to Italians. know what a "bubbler" is, and you make fun of people from
Milwaukee for saying it.'ve seen the Food Network special on Frank's everytime that it has aired. remember when
George Bush came to town, and the entire city shut down.'ve been pulled over for something extremely stupid joke about wearing a bullet-proof vest if you're going to Milwaukee, Racine, or Waukegan. know what "F.I.B." means.

...a Packers-Bears game splits your family down the middle.'ve always rooted for the Bulls because the Bucks have never been very good. watch the Milwaukee news at 5 and the Chicago news at 6. least 2 of your family members have worked at Chrysler/AMC. don't even think twice about the drive-thru liquor store that you just passed.'re shocked when you visit other places, and you find out that there are more cable companies than just
Time Warner. know every road around I-94 because your grandma is too afraid to drive on the highway.'re not Italian, but you joke that you're one twelfth Italian by association.'ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how they connected Simmons Island to the mainland.'re shocked to realize nobody else in the state knows the Empire Carpet jingle. actually recognize the names of places in "That 70's Show". know that the Bong Recreation Area sign is one of the top-10 most stolen signs in America. hate it when people drive down by the lighthouse for 10 seconds and leave, but you do it too. never understood why we have a 1 1/2 mile trolley system that goes absolutely no where.'ve taken part in more than one illegal activity at Pets.

...if you know someone you never hang out with its because you used to play football or baseball together when you were 9.'ve experienced 90 degrees and humid at 52th ST & 22nd AV and 65 degrees and chilly at 52nd ST & 6th AV in the 3 minutes it took you to drive the distance.

...beyond I94 is considered the western frontier and you rarely travel past it unless you are going to the Brat Stop on Saturday. don’t understand why there are 75 elementary schools (most of which you've never heard of) and only four high Schools. after Bradford, Tremper or it usually means Milwaukee, Whitewater or Madison.

...big star is better than spot, or spot is better than big star. which side are you on?'re still waiting for that casino to be built because the dog track sucks and no one goes there anyway.'re grandparents remember when the house your friend lives in was still farmland, and so do you.
...crossing over 75th ST is like crossing enemy lines. "you're in bradford/tremper territory now boy. (insert redneck accent here)"

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